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The last (but not least) colour of the whole project is light purple. When I first saw the amazing hat made out of paper by my fantabulous artist friend Em Kei some months ago, I instantly fell in love with it and said that it definitely was going to be used for a goth shoot. I have shown a lot of purple recently, so I thought that a tiny glimpse of this shade (Panos C’s sides) was going to be enough. I had to use the hat. In the second post of the project I said that black doesn’t necessarily mean goth. I would like to add that goth doesn’t necessarily mean black. So, here’s the king of darkness in the woods and he’s not wearing black. Neither does he have ebony black hair. Marina Stat went beyond my imagination with the make-up and I admire her so much for doing so. Panos  is back in London and must be a bit confused about what colour his hair is when he wakes up every morning. This project is now officially complete. Which colour did you like best?


A friend of Panos’s called this “swamp green” and although I love the anarchy of the idea of being inspired by a swampy environment, I finally decided to call it cypress because I think it’s closer to that. This was Panos’s favourite colour and the one he was sad to let go of, since it wasn’t the last one to be applied. He now knows what colours to mix to get this, so I know he can have it back whenever he feels like it. It’s safe to say a hair colour suits you when you wake up and you feel sexy in it with the first look in the mirror.

Moving on to the fifth post of the project, I would like to take some time to talk white vs. yellow. First of all, there was no reason to bleach Panos’s hair to white (the lightest yellow, pre-toner), since all the colours I wanted to apply afterwards would work fine with this base. I therefore decided fifteen minutes were perfect. The thing is that if you want to apply crazy colors afterwards or if you like to change your colour frequently, you shouldn’t go for white. The damage and the difficulties of keeping colour in your hair after white are not worth it. Which is why you shouldn’t overbleach your thick black, dark or medium brown hair to make it blue afterwards when you can stop at yellow and then do purple or turquoise with no problems. Leave the blue to lighter-haired people who can achieve white even with a highlift blond (level 12) and no bleaching at all. White I love, but you should go white only if you want to stay white and that’s it. Last but not least, there has been a huge 1990’s comeback since 2009, be it in music, or street style, or even high fashion. I remember that in the 1990’s it was perfectly cool to have yellow hair and that you’d see it even on the cover of (style Bible) I-D. So why is it that the majority of people who bleach their hair nowadays go on about how they hate yellow and want to have a cool shade of blond? People with warmer, light complexions can definitely look good in yellow so this yellow backlash should stop right now.

The first question I asked myself about this colour was “how do I make pink hair more masculine”? I’d been thinking of a hair stencil that would look like a tattoo for quite some time and when I decided that pink would be one of the seven colours, I knew right away that this was the time to do it. Now you can’t get more macho than having a revolver tattooed on your hair so I pretty quickly decided that I wanted a revolver. My best man Jamie came to my rescue and made multiple-sized revolver stencils for me. I would also like to thank Marina Stat because apart from doing all the fabulous make-ups (some really subtle and some the total opposite) for the project, she gave me the most valuable help during the application of the stencil colour. A huge thank-you also goes out to Olybia for driving us around and getting us to the perfect location. The DIY-looking roll on top felt like the only way to go with this. I guess I would call this hair neo-rockabilly/raver/ghetto. I can imagine someone sporting it in all three worlds. Panos C and the rest of the team fell instantly in love with it and as far as I’m concerned, it’s my favourite out of all the seven colours.

I explained the whole project with Panos in the previous post. Black was an obvious choice since I wanted to do at least one natural looking colour. A semi-permanent black was used so it will wash off. I then used gel to give Panos a slick-back wet look and (pairing this hairstyle with his haircut) I thought we were going for a 90’s look but then Marina Stat did the disco mirror eyebrows. She was obviously inspired by the Chanel fall 2012 sequined brows. When Panos wore his outfit, the geometry of it was the final touch needed to complete a “Boney M/disco-futuristic” look. Black doesn’t necessarily mean goth you know.

As I’ve said before, Panos C. has always been fearless, inspirational and super-creative. He’s one of my best friends and he hasn’t been photographed for this blog before, so I came up with a very challenging project: he would go through seven hair colour changes during a week and I would publish one each day. He agreed (crazy color made it possible without damaging his hair), so here we are. Marina Stat agreed to participate in this as well and did some very intricate make-ups (3D eyebrows soon). I gave it a lot of thought and came up with a colour scheme that meant he would have to bleach his already bleached hair just once more (for fifteen minutes). Now, I like keeping my cards close to my chest and therefore decided not to publish the colours in the order they were applied. Turquoise we all loved by the way.