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This is the super lovely Annie from Evripidis and his tragedies ( ). Marina Stat did her make-up. And the wig she’s wearing is a synthetic one I bought in Paris four and a half years ago for forty euro (which is extremely cheap considering its quality). I came across it at a small local hair salon that stocked wigs and vintage sunglasses and felt very, very lucky. So, if you’re after a day-glo colour but wouldn’t risk bleaching and damaging your long hair, this is the way to change into someone else but keep your hair unaffected. It’s called clever shopping. Plus the colour won’t wash out every time you hit the shower. A wig also comes in handy when you don’t have the time or the money to do your own hair. Think back to the sixties and the seventies, when women used to don a wig before going out. Maybe with the long day-glo hair trend and today’s economy, it would make sense to buy and wear a wig for a New Year’s eve party for example. As long as you have a fantastic time. Have lots of fun tonight!


Ι styled Vanessa K’s hair before she went to a party. Marina Stat did her make-up. Obviously, we were both inspired by the 1940’s. Women of impossible beauty like Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth, Gene Tierney, Hedy Lamarr and what they did to look beautiful.

Veronica Lake.

Rita Hayworth in Gilda (1946).

Gene Tierney.

Hedy Lamarr.

(couldn’t find photo credit for these 4 pictures).


Helena Z. is one of my best friends and she’s half Greek, half Italian. I cut and colour her hair frequently (she is the only person whose hair I dye black). The “finger waves and a moustache” pic was taken in August but I wanted to put that picture together with pictures of the classic Italian woman as we have her in mind. Sexy, wavy, long and dark hair, black eyeliner and a decolletage that demands your attention. So, when we met for a root touch-up and her usual trim recently, we did the Italian sexy waves. The only thing that makes this hairstyle more updated is the pin that holds the front in place. Marina Stat did the make-up the second time.

I cut Eliza’s hair, styled it and took some pictures. The inspiration for both me and Marina Stat who did the (amazing) make-up were the girls in the classic 80’s Robert Palmer video for “Simply Irresistible “. I just didn’t want to do a bun at the back. I thought of Sade in her slicked back plait but wanted to update it and that’s why I decided to do the twisted ponytail. It’s been in fashion for what seems like forever and the last version of it I remember seeing was in the Gucci s/s 2011 rtw show. It’s Christmas time, so obviously you girls can (and should) glam it up. There couldn’t be a better time to have the 1980’s excess as a reference.

One of the girls in Robert Palmer’s video for Simply Irresistible, directed by fashion photographer Terence Donovan.

Sade in the 1980’s (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

A model backstage at the Gucci s/s 2011 rtw show. Photo by Luca Cannonieri.

Three months ago I read an article on and got really enthusiastic ( ). Freja Beha Erichsen was showing everyone her new undercut done by Sam McKnight. I hadn’t come across this certain undercut since the mid-1990’s. Marina Stat had the best one in school because she shaved the hair off with a razor. So, when Eva G. suggested I give her a haircut backstage at a photo shoot (she is a stylist) and started saying how she wanted me to shave off her hair on the side (or maybe both sides), I insisted that she read this article first. The thing with the undercut on the side is that your options of styling your hair while growing it back are going to be much more limited compared to the undercut at the back (plus it was really big during the previous decade). I convinced her and shaved off some hair at the back, added long layers and a long rounded fringe at the front and then put her long hair up in a “DIY” bun. We were both satisfied with the finished result.

Freja Beha Erichsen, backstage at the Balmain spring-summer 2012 rtw fashion show. (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

I cut Helena B’s hair and this layered cut, when worn with a leather jacket, will bring the rock chick out of you. Now smash everything in that hotel room, lol. Romy Julie did Helena’s make-up.

So, these are the Baronettes ( ), two lovely sisters named Beatrice (left) and Savannah (right) Papadopoulos. They are the fictional super rich, bourgeois ladies that Shook Yang Kids                                                           ( ) came up with last May. Shook Yang Kids write it, direct it, edit it, make super impressive props for it and also act in it. It has been so much fun working on this project because the surreal things these ladies (and their guests in season 2) do and the trouble they find themselves in have made everyone involved bursting with laughter during the filming of each webisode.  I was lucky enough to do the hair design for the project and Marina Stat did the make-up design. Basilique did the styling in season 2 and that’s why the girls are so amazingly styled in each separate webisode. We had full creative freedom and we could go as much over the top as we wanted to. This is not typical drag and it has nothing to do with impersonating celebrities.

Season 1 was filmed during one afternoon in July. I went through all of the wigs I own and suggested a pastel ash/golden blond layered bob for Savannah. That wig previously belonged to my aunt and as women did back then, she wore it occasionally to some events back in the sixties and early seventies. I managed to create the biggest bouffant  I could out of it and Shook Yang Kids loved it. It remained for season 2. It made Savannah look much older than Beatrice, which everyone thought was funny. It’s a different story behind Beatrice’s hair. The wig for season 1 was a choppy black fringed bob I was given by my friend Olivia many years ago. I was inspired by the early 1990s disastrous bobs with a really big part of the fringe stuck high up going sideways (with half a bottle of hairspary emptied on it) and a tiny amount of wisps lying flat (or even worse curled inwards) on the forehead, plus extreme feathering on both sides of the face. Think Whitney Houston in “The Bodyguard”. I teased it to the extreme and thus paired the disastrous 1990s front with a bouffant. For season 2, we felt we should make Beatrice a little sexier (as sexy as a Baronette can be though, lol) and because the first wig was too choppy, a new wig was bought and I cut the exact same disastrous fringe. Beatrice now had “sexy” waves. Still an early 1990s rich woman but a bit more put together.

Savannah Papadopoulos and the seventies pastel bouffant.

Beatrice Papadopoulos in season 1. The “Whitney” look. (photo by Stavros Kirimlidis )

Whitney Houston in “The Bodyguard” (above) and at a concert, both pictures circa 1992 (couldn’t find photo credit for these pictures).

Beatrice Papadopoulos in season 2. The “sexy” look.

Then came season 2 which was filmed over three days in October. Apart from keeping the same wig for Savannah, a lot of challenges came up. I had to find a new wig for Beatrice plus design the hair of seven more guests. All I had in mind was that everything had to be way more over the top than season 1. And things went extreme.

First, there was the teaser a.k.a. the Baronettes makeover. Apart from the Baronettes, Marina Stat and this boy I know also starred in it. It is pretty obvious that the inspiration behind Marina’s hair was Amy Winehouse (R.I.P.) although I’m still not sure which one’s hair was bigger. Marina wore her beehive with a short pin-up fringe and super long waves (no extensions were used to add length!!!).

Marina Stat, one of my best friends playing the make-up artist in the teaser (also being the make-up artist though). Hidden in her beehive is a full super long wig. She didn’t let me backcomb at all. Sometimes your best friends won’t let you touch their hair (photo by Stavros Kirimlidis ).

The legendary Amy Winehouse (Photo: Reuters / Andrea De Silva).

The next guest was Blueworks, a friend of mine who is an amazing dj. The inspirations for the “real star” were obviously 1960’s big hair and also Victoria Beckham. Em-Kei, my fabulous artist friend lent me the wig and I teased it to extreme heights.

Mr Blueworks a.k.a. the real star.

Big hair in the 1960’s (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

Victoria Beckham was what I had in mind while working at the back of that wig (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

Next was actor Michael O. who has featured before in this blog. The inspiration behind his hair was Greek superstar actress Rena Vlahopoulou (R.I.P.). The wig he wore was an original from the 1960s belonging to Mrs Voula, a.k.a. the true Baronette.

Actor Michael O posing as the super elegant Lady M.

Greek Actress Rena Vlahopoulou (couldn’t find photo credit for these pictures).

Guest no. 4 was actress Pelagia B. and the inspiration behind the hairdo was of course actress Itatí Cantoral who played Soraya Montenegro in the trashy Mexican soap opera “Maria la del Barrio” (1995-96), as Pelagia was also playing the same villain. That was the hardest  hairdo of all and it took two hours and fifteen minutes to perfect. I worked with Pelagia’s natural hair and it is super long. Not only did I want to make a fake bob but I also wanted it to be very, very big. To add to the level of difficulty, Soraya was going to beat up the Baronettes and there was going to be a lot movement, so I had to make sure everything would stay in place.

Pelagia B and her big, big fake bob.

Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral as Soraya Montenegro (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

Then was the maid (of course the Baronettes would have a domestic servant), played by Toni L. The inspiration behind her hair was the forties. Think Eva Peron, the First Lady of  Argentina from 1946 to 1952. The thing is I had to make a 22 year old girl look much older. The maid played in 2 episodes, filming on different days, so she had to be done twice.

Toni L. as the maid.

Eva Peron and her fabulous hairdo (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

Last but not least was Penelope A. , a famous actress/tv persona/singer who played the pregnant bride. The inspiration behind her hair was Marilyn Monroe but Penelope’s yellow hair colour at the time (this girl like to change!) made it look more like Madonna doing Marilyn in the early 1990s. Penelope’s make-up was done by Aphrodite Misiakouli.

Penelope A. as the pregnant bride (webisode uploaded just yesterday).

Icon Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s (couldn’t find photo credit for these pictures).

To show you all what it’s all about, here are two webisodes:

And don’t forget: season 3 will be filmed in early 2012 so stay tuned.