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I cut Panagiotis’s hair and the inspiration was the Ivy League, a type of crew cut in which the hair on the top of the head is long enough to style with a side part. I just left the hair on top a bit longer. Now that boys’ haircuts are becoming shorter and simpler, I’m taking lots of inspiration from military haircuts. They are low-maintenance haircuts in general. A tiny bit of wax will do. Aphrodite did the make-up. Taken from Wikipedia:






I cut Nikki’s bob and it’s square at the back and a bit rounder at the sides. I added a few layers at the front since Nikki felt that blunt wasn’t her favourite. I kept her natural texture and parted her hair deep on the side (a major trend for 2014). Marina Stat did the make-up.






For the second look we wanted to do something dream-like and unconventional. I parted the hair in the middle and gave it a frizzy loose wave. I worked asymmetrically with each side and found the angle to shoot it from so that it looks completely symmetrical. Marina worked with pencil lines bringing contouring to the next level.







I cut Maria’s hair in two stages this time. I first did the layering, taking a lot of weight off the ends. I didn’t touch her fringe. I enhanced her natural wave a bit and messed her fringe up with my fingers. I’ve written about how I’ve grown to like naturally wavy fringes. If your fringe sits straight, you can always mess it up with your fingers and use some hairspray to keep the straight-out-of-bed effect.








I then proceeded to cut Maria’s blunt fringe and it’s almost all her hair from ear to ear. I straightened the hair so you get a clearer picture of the contrast between the front and the back. In the third picture, where she tucked the long strands behind her ears, you can see that it looks like she cut her hair short. Marina Stat did the (fantastic) make-up.











Happy new year! Dionisios’s hair had grown long and he grew tired of it. In all honesty, what’s the point of growing your hair long if you are going to wear a beanie every day? So, he asked for something shorter (but not too short) and I gave him this haircut, inspired by the early 1990’s boys’ curtained haircuts. The moustache makes it look much more vintage though. In the last two pictures however, you can see that by messing it up with some product (I chose paste) you end up with something a lot less vintage-looking.