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Last (but not least) in the “flowered up” series is the youngest sister of the three, Dora. This time I pulled the hair up in a ponytail and put the flowers around the elastic that held the ponytail together. I really didn’t want to use any products on this, as it looks much more natural and fuss-free with all the baby hair free to move with the wind. I also brushed her natural wavy hair a couple of times to give the ponytail a frizzy-because-of-the-humidity effect. Marina Stat did the make-up once more.


Second in the “flowered up” series came Katerina, Ioanna’s older sister. Slicking back your hair with a side parting (whether you pull it in a ponytail or a chignon) is a definite classic but when Beyonce, Christina Ricci and Gisele Bundchen show up at the same event with the same hairstyle (from the front), you know its moment is now (Beyonce went for the low ponytail and the other two for super elegant chignons). I love the simplicity of this hairstyle and the way it brings out a woman’s features. Since we were doing exotic with Marina Stat (who did the make-up), I decided to use gel and give Katerina a wet and shiny look. I love the way this looks from all angles. You can see a tiny bit of the flower extravaganza when you look at it from the front but when she turns her head or you see her from the back, it’s all exposed and fabulous. I’ll say it again: more is more when you opt for flowers.

Beyonce, Christina Ricci and Gisele Bundchen at the Met Gala this May (couldn’t find photo credit for these pictures).

I cut Ioanna’s hair and when Marina Stat (the make-up to my hair) saw her, she was so inspired by her exotic-looking features that she convinced me to go for something exotic right away. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the word exotic is Hawaiian girls with huge flowers in their hair and that’s what our main inspiration was. I posted about dried flowers last year but that seems too minimal compared to what triggers my imagination this summer. I decided to do three “flowered-up” hairstyles using Ioanna and her two sisters as my muses. I first clipped a lot of rows of frizzy/natural curly extensions into Ioanna’s hair to give it the it-became-huge-from-the-humidity-and-I-can’t-tame-it effect. I then decided that the first application was going to be the crown of flowers, recently seen everywhere on Lana Del Rey’s head. I just wanted a bigger variety of types and colours of flowers. Think more is more. I integrated some real flowers with the fake ones and if you go for this look, make sure you do the same, as it takes away the cheap/plastic effect. You don’t have to spend a fortune on real flowers though. Three to four are definitely ok. Marina Stat did an amazing make-up job, making Ioanna look like she actually comes from Hawaii. Two more flowered-up looks coming up…

Lana Del Rey and her crown of flowers (couldn’t find photo credit for these pictures).

I love it when a couple decide that they want to have their haircuts on the same day.

First was Vassiliki and she asked for a haircut she had seen on Alexa Chung. A mid-length, slightly layered  haircut with a long fringe that you can part in the middle or the side without any fuss. I gave her the haircut and then sprayed the hair with The salt-water type of spray (often immitated but never duplicated, it’s true). Beach hair is one of the quickest ways to style your hair during the summer and it never goes out of style. Over the years, I’ve heard countless stories from girls that were saying how their hair is at its best when they are at the beach. Marina Stat did Vassiliki’s make-up.

Alexa Chung and the haircut that served as an inspiration (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

Then it was Theo’s turn. His face reminds me of a really young Brad Pitt and that’s exactly where I drew my inspiration from. I gave him a slightly shorter version of Brad Pitt’s haircut in Seven (1995). Short at the back and the sides and slightly longer on top  with lots of point-cutting, so that he can make it look messy just by rubbing his hands on it for five seconds. A classic men’s haircut by now.

Brad Pitt in Seven (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).


Katerina’s haircut is 1960’s inspired. I gave her long layers on top and at the front, a straight line at the back, a rounded fringe (which I cut a bit shorter because I want it to last more) and “sideburns” at both sides. The “sideburns” emphasize her cheekbones and she looks really good in them. They also look really cute when you do a ponytail or an updo. Which brings us to the next look.

Everyone has been re-inventing the classic half-up Bardot hairstyle for a really long time  now and no-one seems to pay any attention to the amazing updos that she used to have back in the day. That’s why I went for that 60’s teased-to-death-big updo and what makes it fresh is that you can see the tease in the hair, plus it has to look like you did it yourself (a.k.a. a lot messier) and not spent an hour in the salon. Marina Stat did the make-up (I love,love,love that lip colour).

Brigitte Bardot in the 1960’s (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

I coloured Marina P’s hair again and I’ve gradually given her a colour that’s half a tone lighter (than the previous post about her) but still in the neutral/cool shade of brown territory. I then cut a short angled bob with a short side-swept fringe, dried it and took some pictures. I finished by spraying some liquid silk and creating a texturized/wet version of the cut. Marina Stat did the make-up.

I first cut Hara’s micro-fringe. I just did a wispy version of it. I then used the smallest comb on my clippers to give her a rather big undercut at the back. I would like to elaborate on the prospect of people saying that an undercut strips a woman off her femininity. I mean, just take a look at how beautiful the back of her neck looks. You definitely wouldn’t mistake her for a guy if she was walking in front of you on the street. I finished the look by using lots of gel and pulling her hair up in a folded ponytail with the ends sticking out randomly. This makes it look more effortless and less severe. If you go for it, make sure you use gel on your fringe too. Needless to say that this total look will look more impressive on girls with dark hair. Shiny black stuff.