Monthly Archives: April 2012

I cut Michael’s hair and then gave him a slick look. This totally flattened and wet look is not inspired by the 1930’s and has nothing to do with shiny 1950’s hair. It is something  you would definitely come across in 1990’s clubland. Think less volume on top, more shine. Notice how his clean back and sides look sharper. It’s because he just got his haircut and used gel. Nerdy? Yes. But this is not the nerdy type who’s behind open books all day.


I cut Jamie’s hair and this time he requested something shorter than usual. It’s a perfect time of the year to go really short since you have enough time till your summer holidays to decide to grow it back or to keep it like this and spend a fuss-free (and product-free) summer.

I cut Olivia’s hair once more and finally convinced her to try a bob shorter than her jawline which really works on her. I paired it with a short fringe and the final result looks so 2012. I’ve been using the lightest possible shade of ginger on her for quite a while so she is now at a stage where I could easily call her colour a natural ginger. Aphrodite did her make up.

I then did a wet look using lots of gel which works really well with her haircut. You shouldn’t only associate the term wet look with sleek hair. Summer 2012 hair should look more like you just came out of the water and shook your hair. A year ago I was writing about how gel was no longer relevant and how unfair that felt. A year later it’s one of the freshest looks for the summer. I predict a riot…

Maria M. wanted a haircut but is certainly not the type of girl who likes dramatic changes. I managed to convince her to let me cut her fringe shorter than usual and to add some shorter and disconnected layers on both sides. I then used products to add texture to her hair and give it a sort of “wet-but-drying-soon” look. The wet look is definitely back according to the hair trends of spring/summer 2012 but not every girl is brave enough to use lots of gel on her long hair. It’s just that you don’t have to go over the top and surpass your limits in order to follow this trend (and every trend in general). Trial and error will lead you to the right product(s) and the right amount of it. Marina Stat did the make-up.