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Apostolos (the wedding dress designer) taking a snapshot while I put the veil on Vicky.





Vicky and Harry got married on the 15th of September. It is one thing doing a bride’s hair and it’s another if the bride is your friend. I was emotional the whole day. Vicky said that she wanted her hair up when we did the hair test and that was all the instructions I was given. One of the two hairstyles we tried was this pile of waves forming a bun at the center of the back. I wanted the top to have some volume and the sides to be flat in order to elongate her face but at the same time I didn’t want a square shape. The dress was made by Apostolos Mitropoulos and the veil by Stephen Jones. The veil came off after the ceremony and before the party. So did a huge amount of rice and tiny candy hearts (this addition certainly raised the difficulty level). We had a fantastic time! Congratulations!




Nina’s hair is thin and straight so cutting layers to give it volume is essential. I cut layers at the back and the front but kept some fullness at the ends because too much layering can end up with rattails as ends. And no girl wants that. I finished the look by cutting a rounded eyebrow-covering fringe, a classic that I’ll never get over. Perhaps sometimes you can say never. I sprayed a tiny amount of hairspray from afar to give the hair texture and let the wind do the rest of the styling.


I cut┬áConstantinos’s hair using my clippers at the back and the sides and left the top gradually longer as I worked towards the front. I then parted it on the side using gel and gave it a tiny bit of volume. The slick side-parted hairstyle on boys is still going strong, whether associated with hipsters or considered a classic. This extra five-minute-effort is definitely worth it. Important tip: make sure your hair is dry before you put gel.





On the 7th of September it was little Carine’s baptism. I had been relatively minimal doing Alice’s hair at her wedding and the wedding party so this time I felt I wanted to do something more intricate. I had already lightened Alice’s hair and this shade of blond I would call Hitchcock blond. I asked to see the dress Alice was going to wear the previous day and the only instruction she gave me was that she wanted a ponytail. The colour and cut of the dress screamed ┬álate 1950’s and early 1960’s but I wanted to give the whole look a fresh twist so it would look like a 2013 red carpet hairstyle. The front I kept pretty simple and as I worked towards the back I started pinning strands asymmetrically to make the style look current. Marina Stat did the make-up. Mother and child both looked amazing. The party after the event was great too. Can’t wait to hear Carine’s hair requests in the future.