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Marina has been growing out her fringe and asking me to cut hair shorter for quite some time now. So we’ve gone from the shoulder length bob with the brow-covering fringe (2011) to a chin framing angled bob with a side-swept fringe (2012) to this really short angled bob with no fringe at all. I got rid of some volume at the back as the “mushroom” effect isn’t appealing to both of us. This time I cut the hair at the back of her neck with clippers, exposing her seagulls tattoo. I love this haircut as it can look as androgynous (the haircut of a prince – in the fifth picture) or ladylike as you wish. It all comes down to how you style it, what you wear and what make-up you have on. And whoever says it’s boring and you’re stuck with one look because you can’t pull it up, is obviously a fool because the first three pictures are evidence that you can look totally different in the same five minutes. And you definitely will, if you have a busy schedule and don’t use tons of hairspray.





Hraban’s hair had grown really long, forming a bob of which the shape he didn’t really like. So, I added layers in the back and on the sides, keeping gradually more length as I was reaching the front.



I cut Alex’s hair and styled it forward with my fingers while it was still wet from washing. There’s been this huge 1990’s revival but for some strange reason a lot of boys don’t dare to wear their hair like this. It’s one of the things I’ve missed the most about 1990’s  boys’ hair (some of the others being curtained hair – think young Leonardo Di Caprio, the use of gel and dying your hair in crazy colours. All have had their triumphant comeback lately).



Before cutting Penelope’s hair (she colours it herself), I asked her to pose for my blog. The inspiration behind this look was quite clearly Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603). I kept the oval shape of her trademark hairstyle (worn towards the end of her reign) but made it a bit disheveled and used a triple-barrel waver instead of making rows of curls vertically. I left a small amount of hair hang loosely over Penelope’s shoulder and used a hairband with three rows of pearls at the back. Marina Stat did the make-up. I don’t think redheads should dye their brows as red as their hair. Vivid red eyebrows are a thing best left to a make-up artist.