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I cut Sotiris’s hair and then styled it taking the word geek to the next level. This is for the really bold boys.




I cut Nadia’s hair and gave her a mid-length, layered cut with an eyebrow-covering rounded fringe. Women tend to obsess about the length of their hair, thinking that the longer their hair is, the sexier it is but in my opinion a mid-length can look hot as hell. Especially in bed where it can get messed up and really big. You can also achieve this by rubbing it frantically for 10 seconds with your hands. And hide away that straightener, thank you.

It’s Alice’s birthday today, so I’m sending her lots of love and every wish I can think of. She’s entered the ninth month of her pregnancy and she’s due any day now. I’ve written about the hair facts during pregnancy before (the post about Maro last year) so this time I wasn’t thinking about soft and tender motherly images. After I gave her her usual layers, I curled her hair and used some pins to give her a disco hairstyle. There’s been a disco revival in fashion and you see 1970’s inspired images in every Vogue you open this season. Marina Stat did the make-up once more. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t glam it up every now and then you know.

Susan Moncur and Grace Coddington photographed by Barry Lategan for UK Vogue (March 1971).

Stella grew tired of having blonde and overprocessed hair after three full years, so she decided to return to her natural colour just by not re-doing her roots. In the meantime, this gives us plenty of time to play with semi-permanent crazy colors, something Stella is willing to play with, since it won’t affect the quality of her hair. She wanted purple but I wanted to do something really dark underneath the purple, inspired by the legendary Debbie Harry and the way she made the two-coloured hairstyle her trademark. I didn’t place the dark brown symmetrically though.  Since both of the colours will be totally washed out in a month or so, I wasn’t afraid to use more dark brown than purple. Let’s not forget the dark brown trend dominating catwalks, campaigns and editorials at the moment. For the shoot, I worked with three different curling tongs, giving each strand of hair a different texture and making sure that I kept a 60% of her hair totally natural. Marina Stat did the make-up.

Icon Debbie Harry and her two-coloured hair in the 1970’s (couldn’t find photo credit for these pictures).

I cut Yiorgos’s hair and it’s the shortest haircut I’ve given him. I still gave him a side parting when I styled it and therefore decided that I am going through a side parting phase when it comes to boys’ hair. No matter how short or long, it feels the freshest way to go. And the boys seem to find it elegant and cool instead of preppy and/or geeky.

I’ve been writing about the comeback of the short fringe for quite some time now. The micro fringe is the shortest of the short though and it’s in its fourth season of glorification by the fashion people. I cut Yiota’s fringe having (the-girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo-leading-lady) Rooney Mara as an inspiration. I paired this blunt fringe with a long(ish) bob. Bleached eyebrows and face piercings are optional of course. I’ve said it before: you don’t have to copy a total look but rather infuse elements of it into your own, whether that’s a haircut, an updo or an outfit.

Actress Rooney Mara in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011- couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).