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Olybia is one of my closest friends and I’ve been doing her hair since 2001. She’s fearless and gets bored really easily when it comes to her hair, so I think it’s safe to say that we’ve tried almost everything cut and colour-wise. She decided to grow out a dark brown pixie cut almost a year ago and now we’re at a stage where her roots are a caramel/honey blond and the ends have lightened a bit and become a chocolate brown. I like that it’s turned into this reverse ombre. The cut is a layered short bob with an eyebrow-covering fringe which she sweeps to the side. I wanted to show two versions of the same cut. The first look we did was inspired by the early 1960’s obviously. Marina Stat did Olybia’s make-up. I first did the hair perfectly but it looked too vintage for my liking, so I messed it up a bit and was much more pleased. I really do think a girl could go to a party with this hairstyle. Think Adele (the singer) and the big hair she’s worn to award ceremonies. The dress Olybia is wearing was made by Venetia Ioakim. And of course, as I’ve said before, Norma is my favourite dog on the planet and here she is in the hug of her master (or should I say mom?).






The second look we did is a modern-day-I-don’t-really-care beach hairstyle and the most natural looking make-up I’ve ever seen. I sprayed the hair with a salt water type of spray and worked with my fingers to mess it up and give it volume. Whether it’s too messy for your liking or not, I have to say that ┬áit feels really fresh to me to see a wavy bob. The strictness the blunt line adds when the hair is straightened is something that feels a bit too structured for my liking at the moment. This goes to all the girls who are afraid to give the bob haircut a go because they are afraid they will have to straighten it daily.




I cut Stella’s hair after going through countless pictures of Stevie Nicks in the 1970’s. I cut layers at the back, really short layers in the front and a wispy rounded fringe that is going to be styled in curtains. Stella’s hair is a bit wavier than Stevie’s but that’s no problem, since this haircut works really well on wavy hair. I am going to keep the layers as short but I want the hair to grow much longer in the future.



Stevie Nicks in the 1970’s (couldn’t find photo credit for the pictures).