This is not a post about hair. It’s now exactly one year since I started this blog and I wanted to take some time to express the joy of taking pictures. Hair has been the main way to channel my creativity for years and years now. But I’ve also studied photography in the past (1995-1998). When the blog came along, I had no idea that it would be so creatively challenging through photography. Initially I thought the pictures just had to show the hair, no extra artistry involved. Over time though, it became clear to me that it would be so boring to just try and capture a cool haircut and I ended up searching for locations in some cases. The pictures would take more time than the actual haircut or hair colour, especially in those cases. I would like to thank the people for giving me their time and believing in what I wanted to do. So, here are some outtakes, perhaps photos where you can’t see the hair as much. They mean just as much to me though. Happy first birthday blog!