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Klea’s natural hair is curly but not that much, more like wavy that ends with a curl. I cut it shorter six months ago and kept  it the same colour as the previous post of hers on this blog. My inspiration behind this look is Solange Knowles in the “Losing you” video. Marina Stat did Klea’s make-up. Now there’s a lot of girls with straight/slightly wavy hair wishing they had ringlets (the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence). To them my advice is that before you go down the chemical/permanent road and have your hair permed, you can always try it as a temporary hairstyle first (lasts till the next wash). This way, you get to transform into someone else and see if you like it  without having to live with it for the next year. And before anyone accuses anyone of cultural appropriation, my response is that mixing and matching elements of different  racial groups, ethnicities, cultures, eras or even scenes is definitely a way to come up with something new, something much needed indeed.


The amazing Solange Knowles in the “Losing you” video, 2012.

(couldn’t find photo credit for the picture).