It’s been a long time since I posted about a haircut but I’m so in love with this. Sofia decided that she didn’t want long hair anymore and showed me a video of Cher performing in the 1970s  where her hair was a rounded bob. I fell in love and did my interpretation of it. I present the bowb to you. It’s a rounded bob that looks like you grew out a bowlcut and then cut a fringe. hence the word bowb. 1970s are back in fashion again but as I’ve always said, there’s no need to look like you just came out of a time machine, you should take elements of things from the past but bring it to today.

and this is the source of inspiration by the way.




I layered Hara’s natural curly hair giving a V shape at the back. She said that her hair is at its best at the beach so I then sprayed her damp hair with a salt-water type of spray and let it air-dry. This resulted in tight ringlets with no frizz in sight.








I then pulled the hair up and the effect I wanted to give was that you can’t see where the hair starts and where it ends. This updo is a pile of ringlets held together by five hairpins (not bobby pins, go for something that will hold more hair together). Because the hair was sprayed with the salt-water spray it has enough grip to be secure while being loose. Marina Stat did the make-up.













Chaves asked for something neat and messy before I cut his hair and that’s exactly what he got. I point-cut a lot so he can mess it up with his fingers. For the first look I didn’t use any products and for the second a bit of paste was used, followed by messing it up with my fingers. The cut looks equally good, therefore proves its versatility.









It’s been such a long time since I cut a boy’s hair this short, so I was very happy when Takis agreed I could do it. I worked with clippers using a bigger comb for the top and no comb at all for the back and the sides, fading between the two lengths. I finally point-cut the front with my scissors.













I cut Myrto’s hair and this haircut has so few layers that it’s closer to a one-length. The layers in the front were cut a bit shorter and I only layered close to the ends at the back. This way you get the fullness of the one-length and the movement of layers. I finished the cut with a rounded eyebrow-covering, point-cut fringe that is so long, she can part it wherever she likes. No hair products were used. Myrto wore no make-up and I didn’t retouch anything. True beauty hides in the imperfections.





I cut Jo’s graduated bob inspired by Beyonce’s “Drunk in love” sea-water-drenched bob. I just cut a longer bob. It’s a bit layered in the front and that is from previous haircuts. That is the reason for the wave at the front though. At first I sprayed a bit of salt-water but as you can see in the second picture, I added more afterwards.



beyonce2stills of Beyonce in the Drunk in love video, directed by Hype Williams.








I then pulled the hair up in a loose updo at the back of the neck. It’s not referencing anything from the past, it looks quite fresh actually. This is for all the girls that are not giving the bob a go because they fear that they won’t be able to pull it up, as it will be too short. Salt water gives the hair lots of grip so the updo is secure although it is loose. Six hairpins were enough. Aphrodite did both the make-ups.