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I pulled Vanessa’s hair back in a loose and low ponytail, inspired by the hair at the Antonio Marras fall 2013 rtw show, amazingly executed by Eugene Souleiman. Instead of the undone finger wave at the front, I went super-simple, plus I wanted the rest of the hair to be a little wavier. I spritzed a salt-water type of spray all over the hair to give it some definition and grip but didn’t overdo it. This isn’t about beach hair at all. The way the hair was done at the Marras show, meant that someone brought back the topsy tail. Last time I came across one of these was in 1994, when all the girls in my class were obsessing about it. Needless to say I used one and to tell you the truth, out of all the 1990’s nostalgia when it comes to beauty, it was one of the few things I am ecstatic to see return. Marina Stat did the make-up. It’s Vanessa’s birthday tomorrow, so I guess I’m the first to wish her the happiest of birthdays. We are going to party like it’s 1994.





Models walking down the runway at the Antonio Marras fall 2013 rtw show (couldn’t find photo credit for the pictures).

The (oh-so-cult-but-beloved) topsy tail 1993 tv ad