Panos C. and the 7 colours in 7 days project. No 3 : Bubblegum pink with royal blue tattoo

The first question I asked myself about this colour was “how do I make pink hair more masculine”? I’d been thinking of a hair stencil that would look like a tattoo for quite some time and when I decided that pink would be one of the seven colours, I knew right away that this was the time to do it. Now you can’t get more macho than having a revolver tattooed on your hair so I pretty quickly decided that I wanted a revolver. My best man Jamie came to my rescue and made multiple-sized revolver stencils for me. I would also like to thank Marina Stat because apart from doing all the fabulous make-ups (some really subtle and some the total opposite) for the project, she gave me the most valuable help during the application of the stencil colour. A huge thank-you also goes out to Olybia for driving us around and getting us to the perfect location. The DIY-looking roll on top felt like the only way to go with this. I guess I would call this hair neo-rockabilly/raver/ghetto. I can imagine someone sporting it in all three worlds. Panos C and the rest of the team fell instantly in love with it and as far as I’m concerned, it’s my favourite out of all the seven colours.


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