Panos C. and the 7 colours in 7 days project. No 7 : Light purple

The last (but not least) colour of the whole project is light purple. When I first saw the amazing hat made out of paper by my fantabulous artist friend Em Kei some months ago, I instantly fell in love with it and said that it definitely was going to be used for a goth shoot. I have shown a lot of purple recently, so I thought that a tiny glimpse of this shade (Panos C’s sides) was going to be enough. I had to use the hat. In the second post of the project I said that black doesn’t necessarily mean goth. I would like to add that goth doesn’t necessarily mean black. So, here’s the king of darkness in the woods and he’s not wearing black. Neither does he have ebony black hair. Marina Stat went beyond my imagination with the make-up and I admire her so much for doing so. Panos  is back in London and must be a bit confused about what colour his hair is when he wakes up every morning. This project is now officially complete. Which colour did you like best?


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