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Christmas is closeby and this time I wanted to give Constantina two looks that would be more suitable for a Christmas dinner or party. For the first look I was inspired by the hair at the Valentino f/w 2012 couture show, I just let bigger strands of hair hang on both sides, giving the whole look a more Asian feel. You can pair this hairstyle with your best Christmas dress or even a leather jacket, depending on how formal you want to look. Marina Stat did the make-up.


Model Meghan Collison backstage at the Valentino f/w 2012 couture show (Photo: Luca Cannonieri / GoRunway.Com).


Backstage at the Valentino f/w 2012 couture show (Photo: Luca Cannonieri / GoRunway.Com).




For the second look I was inspired by Game Of Thrones and the whole medieval era. It’s intricate (it took half an hour to do). I haven’t done any braiding for my blog this far because I think that it’s been overdone (the past ten years) but this is a look that is as eye-catching as a rainbow and you might want to have a hairstyle that will make heads turn when you pass by. Plus this kind of braiding hasn’t been photographed on every red  carpet worldwide and therefore still feels fresh. Merry Christmas!




Chaves has been cutting his hair himself for a couple of years so when I did it, he was amazed by the result. Christmas is the time of year you should pay a little more attention to the way you look as the result will definitely give you a boost mood-wise. Plus I’ve never heard a girl complain about how well-groomed a boy is.



I cut George’s hair and then styled it parted on the side. All you boys that would like to do something preppier for Christmas should know that there are more options than gel. This magic invisible product will keep the hair in place without the wet look. This look is slick but not flat.


When Kate Moss went to this Halloween party a bit more than a month ago, I was introduced to a new term: glam goth. Hairstylist Sam McKnight did her wig (which he called glam goth) and most of her make-up too, inspired by Morticia Addams (the well-known character of the Addams family). I was instantly hooked, it was really glamorous and really fresh at the same time. I liked it so much and kept thinking that I should do a more wearable version of it. Halloween is one thing and Christmas is another and there had to be a way to do this for Christmas without scaring the children. I knew Antonia was the one for this because, in all fairness, a girl with blue or green eyes can pull this off more easily. As far as hair go, I didn’t want to do waves, as it’s the most unimaginative hairstyle one could suggest for the Christmas dinner, party or whatever. I went for a straighter look with curled ends. Lose the curling tong, bring out the rollers. Mind you, this hairstyle will look much better if your hair is layered (as is the case with Antonia- I’m responsible for her layered haircut). Marina Stat did the make-up once more.


Kate Moss with the legendary Sam McKnight in the picture above and arriving at the party with husband Jamie Hince in the picture below (couldn’t find photo credit for both pictures).



For the second look, I had a Lykke Li kind of girl going goth in my mind. I wanted it to be dark but girly and playful at the same time. Since the middle parting is the star of this hairstyle, I also wanted the two buns to look like a bun that was cut in two. This is the first post about Christmas 2012 hair.