Monthly Archives: July 2012

Last time I met with Joanna for her root touch-up she showed me a tube of an amazing apple green crazy colour and asked for a dip-dyed look. This is the finished result but I would like to say that it’s not as easy as it looks. It took hours to paint every strand by hand. The good thing about going for such a look before your summer holidays is that it’ll be back to normal by the time you come back from the sea & sun land. Crazy colours wash out like crazy when under the sun and inside the sea water. So do it without worrying you’ll get fired when you return from your holidays. Just keep in mind that the lighter the colour, the quicker it will go away.


Kenji had let his hair grow for months but because of the heatwave he wanted to shave it all off with clippers. I decided to do two more haircuts before all his hair fell on the floor. He’s half Greek, half Japanese so it was no surprise that I wanted to experiment since he has the silky and straight Asian type of hair. The first haircut was a short back and sides with the hair on top combed back and wet. Classic stuff. It’s just the use of gel that makes it fresh.

The second look was a haircut inspired by Japanese musician Towa Tei. The only element I kept the same is the roundness of his hair at the front. This is more on the eccentric side. I just love the contrast between the quirky front and the rather masculine back and sides.

Towa Tei in 1998 (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

So, in the end he got what he wanted and he was really happy for it. Let the carefree summer begin.

I cut and coloured Aphrodite’s hair again. Gone are the lighter ends but I’m sure once she goes on holiday and the sea and sun work their magic, really light blond highlights will appear. Her haircut is more or less the same as the last one, I am only trying to grow out her fringe. Treasure your natural texture as it’s much more fashion forward than any result a curling tong or a straightener could give you.

I didn’t really cut Dimitris’s hair this time. I just gave him a small undercut at the back and shortened his sideburns. Last time I cut his hair was February (Dimitris M. post) and it’s grown a lot since then. It doesn’t take that long to grow your hair long, it’s just that you should see the glass as half full and stop worrying so much about embarrassing stages while getting there.

Joanna has been taking pole-dancing lessons for a year now and her school threw an annual end-of-the-season party recently. So obviously Joanna was going to pole-dance and the song was “Why don’t you do right”, sung by Amy Irving for the film “Who framed Roger Rabbit” (1988). When she asked me to do her hair for the event, the first thing I thought was that because she is a blonde and not a redhead, I didn’t have to copy Jessica Rabbit’s hairstyle but rather be inspired by the era. She has a lot of hair so no extensions were going to be needed in order to give her the right hairstyle. I decided not to do the perfect waves with all the hair in its place, as it felt a bit stiff and I wanted lots of movement. The finished result looked silky and soft but a bit undone and decadent as well. I wanted it to look as if she had already been dancing in it. Marina Stat did the make-up.