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I cut Stella K.’s hair and styled it afterwards. My inspiration for her hairstyle was actress Clara Bow who was huge in the 1920’s but done in a way that doesn’t scream vintage. As I’ve said before, you don’t have to exactly copy hairstyles from vintage pictures.

Clara Bow, huge superstar in the 1920’s, set the trend for cupid-bow shaped lips and “sad” eybrows (couldn’t find photo credit for these pictures).


I cut and coloured Olivia’s hair once more and (for the first time ever) convinced her to let me slick it back. By saying this I don’t mean totally flat with a ton of gel, as you can still do it with some volume. Wet was one of the key words regarding hair backstage at the spring/summer 2012 rtw shows, so more on wet and slicked back hair to come. Some girls will never grow their fringe long so this was such a rare opportunity to show my little Olivia’s forehead. Marina Stat’s amazing make-up made me surrealistically happy.

I cut Alice’s hair again, basically trimming her ends but adding a long, layered and rounded fringe. That was a big change for her. I then decided to give her my version of a really big French twist. This hairstyle has started re-appearing on a lot of catwalks lately, in its most exaggerated (even alien-like in some cases) form. You can go wild with it for a night out, however leaving a few wisps in the front down, makes the style look less severe and more wearable.

First there were the grey wigs for the f/w 2011 Jean Paul Gaultier rtw show, coloured by Josh Wood and styled by Redken creative consultant, Guido Palau. Photos by Luca Cannonieri.

More recently, there were the hair at the Rochas s/s 2012 rtw show, styled by (legend) Eugene Souleiman. Photographs by Michele Morosi.

And the hair at the Narciso Rodriguez s/s 2012 rtw show, styled by Wella global creative director Eugene Souleiman again. Photograph by Michele Morosi.

Meti did the most amazing thing before we met for her haircut this time. I’ve been cutting her hair short for a year now (and had suggested that she has it short a long time before the cut), so, she took the time to go through all of her photos from this past year and chose her favourite length,shape and style. This sort of research is what everyone should do before having their hair cut. It also makes stylists’ lives easier.

I cut Jamie’s hair and this time I did something totally different from his last haircut. It’s so cool when people challenge you by requesting something else each time. I think this haircut has a 60’s/mod aesthetic to it but a lot of indie boys must have had it since the mid-90’s as well. It’s best to leave it to dry naturally so it forms a slight wave. Powerful blow-drying might make it more fluffy than desired.




If you want really long hair, the best way to get there is to 1.avoid the hair-dye shelves and 2.not use heated styling tools more than once or twice a month. This is how Demetra grew her hair this long. The first thing she told me before  I cut her hair was that she put a lot of effort in growing it. And I fully respected that. I trimmed the length a tiny bit, gave her long layers and finished with an eyebrow-covering, rounded and layered fringe. I then styled the hair using a curling tong and pulling everything apart afterwards. I think I’m falling in love with the long rounded fringe again (blunt or wispy, I love it the same). Some very famous women who have had it are:


Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ frontwoman, Karen O, photographed in 2009 by Sorrell Schneider

Actress Keira Knightley, photographed at a premiere in February of 2009 (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

Kate Moss, photographed for Vogue Paris (February 2008) by Mario Testino

Bjork photographed by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for her 2001 Vespertine album cover and promotional pictures.

supermodel Christy Turlington photographed for the Louis Vuitton f/w 2000 campaign by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks in the seventies (couldn’t find photo credit for these pictures).


Vassiliki S. is a girl I know from school. She’s been a blonde forever. So, I got super-excited when she told me she had grown bored of blond and wanted a total “make-over”. I turned her into a 60’s beauty (which is a basic trend for this f/w season, as far as clothes go), by following these steps:

1. I changed her colour from really light blond to the lightest cool shade of brown (I didn’t want ANY red in my brown).

2. I cut the length slightly, just in order to get rid of any split and ultra-dry ends but was a little bolder with her layers, especially in the front bit.

3. I cut an eyebrow-covering rounded fringe and layered it a bit, so when it grows longer she will be able to part it in the side or the middle without fuss. It’s not as easy to grow a blunt fringe longer, as most of the girls know by now.

4. I styled the hair straight but with movement at the ends. It goes much better with this fringe. Poker straight would look too strict paired with this fringe. Soft is the key-word for this hairstyle. I back-combed the back part of the top but didn’t overdo it at all because this is not the 60’s, it’s 2011.

Needless to say that she was ecstatic by the time I was done. Every once in a while, it’s so good to change radically. As I have said before…