Monthly Archives: February 2012

I cut Polina’s hair and straightened it. She usually parts her hair on the left side and while she was doing her make-up herself, I started thinking about a very striking image of fashion legend Carine Roitfeld, so I decided to try and recreate a version of that image. We love Carine!

Carine Roitfeld, Vogue Paris editor-in-chief from 2001 to 2011 (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).



So, Valentine’s day was last week and I really wanted to take pictures of a couple, both with new haircuts. When Lena and George G. asked for new haircuts I knew they were the ones. The funny thing when cutting a couple’s hair is asking the other half what he/she thinks. Some people might call that part of the whole “compromise” in a relationship but I think that the truth is it’s great to try and look your best for your significant other. After all they are the ones to see you last thing before falling asleep and first thing when they wake up. I gave George a fluffy indie haircut and Lena went for her usual long layers with a side swept fringe. Marina Stat did the make-up. Happy Valentine’s day (even if it’s a week late)!

I trimmed Sia’s hair a tiny bit and then decided to pull it up. A hairstyle that I find really  fresh, inspiring and definitely wanted to have a go at for a really long time is the inverted roll around the head models had at the YSL s/s 2011 rtw show, beautifully executed by hair superstar Guido. My version of it is as wet looking as the original but the parting is on the side and it looks as it’s a bit more loose overall. So what if it appeared on the catwalk four seasons ago? It still looks so fresh and with the wet hair trend dominating this spring/summer catwalks, you, the most daring girls out there should definitely give it a go as well.

two models backstage at the 2011 s/s YSL rtw show (photos by Luca Cannonieri).

Soraya has really curly hair and I love cutting it. I find her Persian beauty really inspiring. Some hairstylists think that cutting hair this curly is not their cup of tea but I only see challenge. Because half of making the haircut work is the cut itself but the rest is: when you comb it / detangle, what products you use, how you let it dry and at what point you blow dry. And this is something that (when done correctly) will make you feel like your ringlets are the most manageable and fuss-free hair a girl could have. And let the girls with straight hair worry about no volume.

Dimitris wants to grow his hair long. So I gave him this haircut because not only do I think it’s fresh, it’s also the only way to avoid a mullet while the rest of your hair is growing longer. There’s something very 1980’s about the way I styled it and we were both very enthusiastic with the finished result. Do keep in mind that there are two things you need while growing your hair long. Good hair maintenance (using a conditioner and hiding the straightener for example) and lots of patience (one week may be a good hair week but the next might not be such and that’s where you are going to need it. Until you have a good hair week again. It will definitely take less time than you fear).

I started thinking about what I wanted to do with purple on Stella’s blond hair a couple of weeks before the actual application. So when the big day came, I knew exacly what I wanted to do. I first did the haircut and then lightened the roots, so when the purple goes away, she’ll be left with blond hair as before. I then did a reverse ombre look, using first a blueberry colour to darken the roots at the top, then a lavender shade for the mid-lengths and an even lighter shade of lavender at the ends. I finished the look by blow-drying the hair straight with a movement inwards. I wanted the hairstyle to be a classic since the colour is so not a classic. We both loved the finished result. Marina Stat did the make-up.