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I started turning Klea into a blonde sometime ago, so this time we only did a root touch-up and a toner afterwards. The toner gave her this beige/sandy blond. I straightened the hair completely and then used a really thick curling tong on a few strands to give the hair a bend and make it look natural (and more interesting if you ask me). Straight hair is everywhere in fashion but even if you flat yours out with a straightener, spending these extra five minutes in pulling it apart a bit will result in a fresher take on straight.








For the second look I pulled the hair tightly back into a middle parted low ponytail and hid the elastic by wrapping a strand of hair around it (and pinning it underneath). Middle parted or deep side parted, the low ponytail is one of the hottest looks for this and the next season. Marina Stat did the make-up drawing inspiration from the multi-coloured madness that were the eyes at the Chanel s/s 2014 rtw show.


a model walking the Chanel s/s 2014 rtw show (couldn’t find photo credit for the picture).











Spyros and Theofano are brother and sister. I dyed Spyros’s hair the most natural shade of ginger (it matches the colour of his beard, which is a huge plus)  and cut Theofano’s hair drawing heavy inspiration (this time I guess I should say copying) from Claire Boucher (Grimes). It’s a crazy undercut with both sides and the back of the neck shaved really short, paired with a short fringe. I pulled her hair up in a bun which I covered in shiny,black plastic (that was my idea at least). As you can see in the photos below, Claire loved this cut so much that she kept it the same while changing lots of colours. The thing with this undercut though is that when your hair is down, it becomes totally invisible and that means that growing it back won’t be as difficult as you imagine. Marina Stat did the make-up as usual.





Claire Boucher a.k.a. Grimes and her various colours on the same haircut (couldn’t find photo credit for the pictures).





On the 7th of September it was little Carine’s baptism. I had been relatively minimal doing Alice’s hair at her wedding and the wedding party so this time I felt I wanted to do something more intricate. I had already lightened Alice’s hair and this shade of blond I would call Hitchcock blond. I asked to see the dress Alice was going to wear the previous day and the only instruction she gave me was that she wanted a ponytail. The colour and cut of the dress screamed  late 1950’s and early 1960’s but I wanted to give the whole look a fresh twist so it would look like a 2013 red carpet hairstyle. The front I kept pretty simple and as I worked towards the back I started pinning strands asymmetrically to make the style look current. Marina Stat did the make-up. Mother and child both looked amazing. The party after the event was great too. Can’t wait to hear Carine’s hair requests in the future.





First of all this is not ombre. It’s a colour (consisted of many different colours) with dark roots and we shouldn’t mistake the one for the other, as they are two totally different things. Andromachi got bored of dying her roots blond all the time and just let them grow some time ago. Her base was a honey blond that was much lighter at the ends. I worked with aluminium foils and alternated four different colours to get this pastel peach. I used a pastel pink, a pastel salmon (pinkish orange), a pastel lemon yellow and a pastel lavender. The lavender basically neutralized the pre-existing yellow, resulting in the fourth colour being a white blonde. In the last picture though, that was shot inside, you do get a sense that there is some sort of light purple in the mix. And that’s what I love about this technique and result. The colour tends to look slightly different depending on where you parted your hair or what the lighting circumstances are. As far as styling goes, I used my thickest curling tong to give the hair a bend, rather than a curl. Marina Stat did the make-up.

Stella grew tired of having blonde and overprocessed hair after three full years, so she decided to return to her natural colour just by not re-doing her roots. In the meantime, this gives us plenty of time to play with semi-permanent crazy colors, something Stella is willing to play with, since it won’t affect the quality of her hair. She wanted purple but I wanted to do something really dark underneath the purple, inspired by the legendary Debbie Harry and the way she made the two-coloured hairstyle her trademark. I didn’t place the dark brown symmetrically though.  Since both of the colours will be totally washed out in a month or so, I wasn’t afraid to use more dark brown than purple. Let’s not forget the dark brown trend dominating catwalks, campaigns and editorials at the moment. For the shoot, I worked with three different curling tongs, giving each strand of hair a different texture and making sure that I kept a 60% of her hair totally natural. Marina Stat did the make-up.

Icon Debbie Harry and her two-coloured hair in the 1970’s (couldn’t find photo credit for these pictures).

Last time I met with Joanna for her root touch-up she showed me a tube of an amazing apple green crazy colour and asked for a dip-dyed look. This is the finished result but I would like to say that it’s not as easy as it looks. It took hours to paint every strand by hand. The good thing about going for such a look before your summer holidays is that it’ll be back to normal by the time you come back from the sea & sun land. Crazy colours wash out like crazy when under the sun and inside the sea water. So do it without worrying you’ll get fired when you return from your holidays. Just keep in mind that the lighter the colour, the quicker it will go away.

I’m turning Theofano into a blonde. Not in one single process but slowly. I preferred to give her this shade and let the sun and the sea of the Greek summer work and make it lighter rather than have overprocessed and super-dry hair. I then trimmed her ends slightly because, as I’ve said, there’s no point in getting rid of a lot of length before your summer holidays. You’re still going to have to cut as much or even more when you get back. After the cut, I styled her hair drawing heavy inspiration from the hair at the s/s 2012 rtw Herve Leger show. Instead of keeping the front flat with a middle parting though, I went for  volume. The triple ponytail was executed as close to the original as possible (I did wrap small strands of hair around the elastics though plus I didn’t straighten the hair). Marina Stat did the make-up. This is a hairdo that will definitely work with the summer heat plus you’ll turn some heads with the intricateness of the back. Summer’s coming.

This is what the hair looked from the front at the s/s 2012 Herve Leger rtw show. Hair by Neil Moodie. Photo by Yannis Vlamos

And this is the back. Neil, you did amazing! (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).