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I cut Sofia’s hair something like a month ago and I got the idea that I wanted to do something Bjork-inspired with her for my blog, as I think there is some sort of resemblance between them. This look was inspired by two really iconic Bjork hairstyles, both from the early 1990’s. The first one is the two big buns she wore in a lot of photoshoots and appearances while promoting the album “Debut” in 1993 and the second one is the little buns she wore in the videos for “Venus as a boy” and “Big Time Sensuality” plus a lot of photoshoots and events, in 1993 and 1994. I created six buns and the two buns on the sides were bigger. My main focus were the parting lines, which were not random at all. Marina Stat did an amazing job with all three make-ups.


Bjork’s picture from 1993 hanging on someone’s wall (couldn’t find photo credit for the picture).


Bjork photographed by Juergen Teller for the “Big time sensuality” cd single in 1993.




The inspiration behind the second look is a little bit more obscure. Juergen Teller photographed Bjork in 2001 for Self Service magazine. She changed a lot of hairstyles for that rather experimental (one of my favourites) shoot and one of them was a 1950’s  inspired, kind of androgynous updo. I kept the 1950’s element but instead of doing something vintage looking, I tried to make it fresh and new. I did two french twists at the back and a roll at the front that was brought towards the right side.


Bjork photographed by Juergen Teller for Self Service magazine in 2001.



The inspiration behind the third look was the 2011-2013 Biophilia afro. Bjork’s been wearing these wildly coloured afro wigs for the cover, the videos and the tour in support of Biophilia. For Sofia’s brown hair I wanted the same texture as Bjork’s hair but I wanted it to be flatter at the top, also inspired by the hair at the fall 2013 rtw Rick Owens show. Marina went beyond my imagination with the make-up and these pictures remind me of a priestess about to begin a religious ceremony.


Bjork live in Paris, early 2013, photographed by Vera Palsdottir for


Models backstage at the fall 2013 rtw Rick Owens show. Photo by Luca Cannonieri.





Jamie wanted me to cut his hair and he gave me total freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. A short back and sides done with clippers is something we’re so used to seeing by now, as almost every boy I know has had it done at least once in the last seven years. But what about the “shortest back and sides”? I was clearly inspired by military haircuts, where the hair at the back and the sides is almost nonexistent. This is taking a hitler youth haircut to the next level.