Monthly Archives: January 2012

I cut Christos F’s hair and then decided to part it on the side and give him a good boy look. I like the balance of a good boy hairstyle paired with bad boy piercings.


I cut Ria’s long layered hair (basically trimmed the dry ends) and then decided to do an updo that would look like short wavy hair. This is a really easy updo that you can pull off every day. It doesn’t have to be on a special occasion, as it doesn’t look formal at all. Actually the more it looks like you did it in five minutes, the better. All you need is wavy or curly hair on the top of your head, be it natural or having spent five minutes using a curling tong, plus a lot of hairpins. I was inspired by (1950’s icon) Lucille Ball’s trademark hairdo and the french twist Madonna had in her Borderline video.

1950’s icon Lucille Ball in the tv series “I love Lucy” (1951-1957, couldn’t find photo credits for these pictures).

Madonna in her Borderline video (1984, couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

I cut Kostas’s hair and styled it using a styling cream. I may become repetitive a bit, but the early 1990’s is the era I mostly use as an inspiration when cutting a boy’s hair.

Nora had an asymmetrical bob that was too long on one side and her hair had been through excessive straightening, so I had to cut a lot of length to get rid of the damaged part. Plus I really wanted to cut a short wispy fringe (quite a pleasant surprise for her, as she was always afraid to go for it) and I wanted to get rid of the asymmetry. I wanted to give her a haircut that would look better when not straightened  a.k.a. help her restore the condition of her hair, hence the short layered bob. This way, she will be tempted not to straighten it again (Nora thought she couldn’t get out of the house without straightened hair). This dark cherry red is one of my favourite colours and it suits her complexion amazingly. It will also look great under the cloudy sky of The Hague, where she studies. I used a curling tong to slightly enhance her natural waves and Romy Julie did her make-up.

I cut Nicholas’s hair, styled it and then took some pictures with his camera (he’s a photographer, so of course he would be picky about his photographs). He kept saying that he wanted something 1950’s and apart from his haircut and hairstyle, I think we definitely captured something of that era in the pics with the styling and his elegant-and-good-boy attitude.

I cut and coloured Marianne’s hair. Her hair has gone through a lot of bleaching, as she is a fan of crazy colours. Pink, purple, turqoise, you name it. I’ve been dying to do a black and white colour for quite a while, so I knew Marianne was definitely the one. I just prefer really dark brown to black. It’s shinier and more natural. So, I dyed almost all her hair a dark brown and left a tiny triangle on one side that I shaved with clippers and bleached. I cut an asymmetrical bob (inspired by the early 90s) and when she tucks the longer side behind her ear, the undercut will magically appear. The undercut is only the small triangle you see in the last picture, I didn’t want it to be bigger. Some people will always be restless with their hair. By doing this, I gave her a small area to play with and apply crazy colours to (when she gets bored of this), so she can leave the rest without bleaching this year. I hope.

I cut Jason’s hair but kept the “indie fluffiness”. I simply reduced the volume. Not every boy should have the sides and the back cut with clippers. This will keep his head a bit warmer in freezing Munich. He’s wearing a super cute Bless That Dress vintage shirt in the picture ( ).