Stella S. 3

Stella grew tired of having blonde and overprocessed hair after three full years, so she decided to return to her natural colour just by not re-doing her roots. In the meantime, this gives us plenty of time to play with semi-permanent crazy colors, something Stella is willing to play with, since it won’t affect the quality of her hair. She wanted purple but I wanted to do something really dark underneath the purple, inspired by the legendary Debbie Harry and the way she made the two-coloured hairstyle her trademark. I didn’t place the dark brown symmetrically though.  Since both of the colours will be totally washed out in a month or so, I wasn’t afraid to use more dark brown than purple. Let’s not forget the dark brown trend dominating catwalks, campaigns and editorials at the moment. For the shoot, I worked with three different curling tongs, giving each strand of hair a different texture and making sure that I kept a 60% of her hair totally natural. Marina Stat did the make-up.

Icon Debbie Harry and her two-coloured hair in the 1970’s (couldn’t find photo credit for these pictures).


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