The three faces of Kenji Mizuta

Kenji had let his hair grow for months but because of the heatwave he wanted to shave it all off with clippers. I decided to do two more haircuts before all his hair fell on the floor. He’s half Greek, half Japanese so it was no surprise that I wanted to experiment since he has the silky and straight Asian type of hair. The first haircut was a short back and sides with the hair on top combed back and wet. Classic stuff. It’s just the use of gel that makes it fresh.

The second look was a haircut inspired by Japanese musician Towa Tei. The only element I kept the same is the roundness of his hair at the front. This is more on the eccentric side. I just love the contrast between the quirky front and the rather masculine back and sides.

Towa Tei in 1998 (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

So, in the end he got what he wanted and he was really happy for it. Let the carefree summer begin.


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