The comeback



So, it’s been a little bit over a year since I last posted something but this is a comeback. I’ve decided that the blog will feature one or two hair stories  per month, more like beauty editorials. You can still see a lot of haircuts and haircolours by following me on instagram ( ). Another thing that has changed is that I am going to be collaborating with photographers, so it won’t necessarily be me that took the pictures. In this case I worked with the super talented photographer Nikolas Giakoumakis ( ) and as usual Marina Stat did the make-up. Three models posed for us (thank you ). The inspiration behind these three looks is asian updos, whether that’s vintage chinese, manga or the classic geisha. I did however simplify the originals and stayed away from hair accessories that scream Asia (you won’t be seeing chopsticks in the hair) because I wanted to show a wearable version and not something too costume-y. Alina’s look was inspired by vintage chinese hair. 



Oliwia’s look was inspired by manga hair and by taking away all the asian princess accessories (you cannot imagine how many were used on the original), I ended up with something that could fit in 1990s’ clubland.



Mariya’s look was inspired by a geisha hairstyle. Now, I wanted to talk about how natural the hair have been in fashion lately. There’s been so many air-dried hairstyles where only a couple of products were used, that I really missed using my craftmanship. Because the hairstyles were going to be intricate, we decided that we would take the no-make-up-make-up approach. So, one girl got lips, the other cheeks and brows and one got eyes.


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