Pure at heart





Back in September last year, my beloved friend Evripidis decided to make a video for his song “Pure At Heart” and have Shook Yang Kids (the creators of Baronettes) direct it.  Marina Stat and I were immediately brought on to discuss the make-up and the hair for the project. For Evripidis I kept his natural wavy and just tidied things up a bit, as any 1990’s indie boy would do with his hair.










There is a scene in the video where four passports of Evripidis are shown and of course I had to come up with four completely different looks. This can be sort of a challenge when someone’s hair is as short, so I suggested that not only should I style his hair in lots of ways but I should transform his full beard in different facial hair as well. The video is meant to be funny and trashy so I left my good taste aside and had lots of fun transforming him into the fraudster with the four (ridiculous) faces.




Celia played the girl whose dog Evripidis unleashes. A girl that went jogging in the park. Obviously the hair were pulled up in a ponytail (in the middle of the back) and a headband was added (much prettier than the standard sweatband). A hipster going jogging should look something like this. I kept Celia’s natural waves.






Faye played the girl who works at his office, a sort of mafia environment. I got to glam things up and my inspiration was Sharon Stone’s hair in Casino (1995).



Sharon Stone in Casino (couldn’t find photo credit for the picture).




Yiorgos played the bodyguard and he’s also seen at the “office” scene. I was inspired by Mad Men hairstyles quite obviously.






And then it’s the hookers scene. Dionisios played the tranny and he got a black wig with some volume and a French twist. Vanessa’s hair I kept natural and parted deep on the side because let’s face it, when you go out on the street turning tricks, you don’t necessarily have to have a unique hairstyle. Long hair will do.  Klea’s blond hair was teased a lot without smoothing it out afterwards. Big, messy, sexy hair.


This video was so much fun to do.



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