Helen 2 and the blowout





Helen has been growing her hair long for two years now. This time I went a bit shorter with the layering but tried to keep as much length as possible. At some point a part of the hair at the back was dyed a medium brown (inspired by Debbie Harry’s hair), which after a year I’m turning blonder. At the moment she has an icy blond on top and a darker golden blond beneath. I gave her a blowout and you shouldn’t worry that by styling your hair with a drier and a round brush it will look “done”. A blowout can look as undone as you wish. It’s all in how you hold your brush and working differently with each piece of hair. Beauty blogs are suggesting poker straight hair (done with a straightener) instead of the blowout for next season. I’m not convinced yet. Marina Stat did the make-up.


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