Myrto and three styling options for New year’s eve







Last time I did Myrto’s hair, we did three looks for fall. This is three looks for new year’s eve but you can use the inspiration throughout 2014. For the first look I was inspired by the deep side parting trend dominating catwalks for next season. I pulled Myrto’s hair in a low ponytail and created a deep side parting, so the front looks like a side-swept fringe. I kept the hair (her natural) straight, so this is one of the easiest ways to style your hair. It can’t take you more than fifteen minutes. Marina Stat did the make-up.








For the second look, I did an “S” type of curl (or should I call it wave?) that looks really natural. Myrto’s hair colour is her natural (hard to believe, I know) but this is what happens to the girl with fine hair (that has its natural colour)  that likes spending hours at the beach during the summer. This look has a goth feel to it (Christmas always makes me think of goth for some strange reason) but with Marina we avoided all the clichés regarding goth.






For the third look, I simply pulled the hair back loosely in a carelessly constructed bun. Vintage-looking, mysterious and seductive is how I would describe this last look. I didn’t go for a perfect parting and neither should anyone who tries to replicate this. Happy 2014 everybody!!! Have a fantastic time tonight!


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