Spyros F. and Theofano F.










Spyros and Theofano are brother and sister. I dyed Spyros’s hair the most natural shade of ginger (it matches the colour of his beard, which is a huge plus)  and cut Theofano’s hair drawing heavy inspiration (this time I guess I should say copying) from Claire Boucher (Grimes). It’s a crazy undercut with both sides and the back of the neck shaved really short, paired with a short fringe. I pulled her hair up in a bun which I covered in shiny,black plastic (that was my idea at least). As you can see in the photos below, Claire loved this cut so much that she kept it the same while changing lots of colours. The thing with this undercut though is that when your hair is down, it becomes totally invisible and that means that growing it back won’t be as difficult as you imagine. Marina Stat did the make-up as usual.





Claire Boucher a.k.a. Grimes and her various colours on the same haircut (couldn’t find photo credit for the pictures).

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  1. Olli said:

    awesome style – both of them 🙂

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