Elina T.



First let’s talk about Elina’s hair type. She (and her sister, Ioanna T. and the pageboy) have the thickest hair I’ve seen. So I guess it must have been kind of difficult trying to grow out a quiff haircut I gave her in 2010 (the back and the sides were shaved off really short). But she did enjoy it and kept it for years. Anyway, Elina had grown her hair into this assymetrical bob since the hair at the sides and the back hadn’t reached the length of the hair on top and asked for a really short (mouth length) geometric bob which I talked her out of because with this amount of hair, it would mean marrying her straightener (not an option while free-camping). I took a lot of volume off the mid-lengths and ends with my thinning scissors instead and kept the whole asymmetry for the hot months of the summer. I wanted to keep as much length as possible. I used a tiny bit of product on her wet hair to keep the wet look and then did this bulky braid in the front. I’ve written before about how braiding is really not that interesting to me anymore (after seeing 12,000 pictures of braiding on tumblr and pinterest) but what’s a girl with a short bob to do if she can’t pull it up during a heatwave? Plus, the combination of the bob and braiding feels a lot fresher. This is summer chic you can achieve in ten minutes.

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  1. J said:

    This look is so chic and elegant, bravo Alex!

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