Joanna T.










Last summer, Grimes released the (amazing) video for their song “Genesis” and I was instantly hooked. I loved the song, the video and one of the two hairstyles she (Claire Boucher) had in it. The hair looked like dreadlocks but much straighter, like someone had used lots of product to separate each strand and make it look so piece-y. This hairstyle was really big in the 1990s also. The thing with this kind of hairstyle is that the hair is really heavy because of the amount of product (especially if it’s long) and therefore is difficult to move. Joanna is an amazing dancer and I wanted to shoot her for my blog since day one. She felt so right for this because I knew the pictures would have lots of movement and so the hair would move too. I used rows of extensions and a lot of gel to get the look I wanted. Joanna wore a fantastic dress by Digitaria. Marina Stat did the (amazing) make-up and off we went outside of this beautiful building. And then, in the middle of the street, without any music at all, just the sounds of cars, I told Joanna to dance. It is a very rare occasion in someone’s life to come across someone so gifted. The girl was like possessed. Her energy was (and is in general) amazing. I shot 667 pictures in less than half an hour. No two look the same. Next time Joanna is dancing, I’ll sure be in the crowd because I want to experience this kind of magic again. And again. And again…


Claire Boucher of Grimes in her self-directed “Genesis” music video (2012).


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