Andromachi and her pastel peach colour





First of all this is not ombre. It’s a colour (consisted of many different colours) with dark roots and we shouldn’t mistake the one for the other, as they are two totally different things. Andromachi got bored of dying her roots blond all the time and just let them grow some time ago. Her base was a honey blond that was much lighter at the ends. I worked with aluminium foils and alternated four different colours to get this pastel peach. I used a pastel pink, a pastel salmon (pinkish orange), a pastel lemon yellow and a pastel lavender. The lavender basically neutralized the pre-existing yellow, resulting in the fourth colour being a white blonde. In the last picture though, that was shot inside, you do get a sense that there is some sort of light purple in the mix. And that’s what I love about this technique and result. The colour tends to look slightly different depending on where you parted your hair or what the lighting circumstances are. As far as styling goes, I used my thickest curling tong to give the hair a bend, rather than a curl. Marina Stat did the make-up.


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