Marina P. 3






Marina has been growing out her fringe and asking me to cut hair shorter for quite some time now. So we’ve gone from the shoulder length bob with the brow-covering fringe (2011) to a chin framing angled bob with a side-swept fringe (2012) to this really short angled bob with no fringe at all. I got rid of some volume at the back as the “mushroom” effect isn’t appealing to both of us. This time I cut the hair at the back of her neck with clippers, exposing her seagulls tattoo. I love this haircut as it can look as androgynous (the haircut of a prince – in the fifth picture) or ladylike as you wish. It all comes down to how you style it, what you wear and what make-up you have on. And whoever says it’s boring and you’re stuck with one look because you can’t pull it up, is obviously a fool because the first three pictures are evidence that you can look totally different in the same five minutes. And you definitely will, if you have a busy schedule and don’t use tons of hairspray.

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