Chryssa M. and the punk surrealism

Chryssa M is a friend of mine and Marina’s (Stat, my make-up partner) since school. She’s been into punk forever and that’s been so evident in the haircuts she’s had over the years. This time, I wanted to do something punk but with a dose of surrealism, not just a wearable update. I shaved both sides off and the rest of the hair I cut longer on the front and gradually shortened going towards the back of the neck. Now Chryssa has these two longer strands on both sides (inspired herself by Rooney Mara in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo -2011) which she colours herself and I was perfectly happy with just trimming them a bit. It was when I styled them like a brushed backwards bob that the surrealism I was looking for appeared right in front of my eyes. Marina Stat did the make-up and took the idea of a Soo Catwoman (THE punk icon) make-up to its most surreal.

Actress Rooney Mara in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (couldn’t find photo credit for the picture).

Punk Icon Soo Catwoman in the 1970’s (couldn’t find photo credit for the picture).

But then again the first look is androgynous, so I wanted the second look to be much more feminine plus I wanted to show that you can hide the longer strands in the shorter hair. This is beauty at its wildest.

  1. Stan said:

    What product was used for the hawk part on the top three pictures? I love the exceptional hold but with almost a heavier drier look to the hair than my typical ‘hair glue’. I’m really enjoying reading through your blog btw. Really great work!

    • first of all thank you for your kind words. I used Osis session finish spray (strong control) but didn’t hold it too close to the hair.

      • Stan said:

        Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to keeping up to date on here.

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