Myrto and three styling options for early fall

I cut Myrto’s hair and it’s basically a one-length haircut with a few shorter layers at the front. I then came up with three looks for early fall and Marina Stat did the make-up.

1. The classic wave (from mid-lengths to ends). This is for the girl who’s sick of summer, natural and fuss-free hair by now and is really dying to make a hair statement back in the city. I suppose many of you are tired (as much as I am) of 1940’s-inspired hair by now. It’s been on every catwalk and in every magazine for at least seven years now. A way to re-invent it then, is to keep the hair from the roots to the mid-lengths totally straight, even flat. It’s definitely less fuss than doing the whole head. Think more Lana Del Rey and less editorial.

2. The messy, wavy, low ponytail. This is for the girl who wants to make a hair statement but still feels it’s too hot to let her hair down. Plus she’s soooo bored of the bun she wore her hair in throughout the summer. All you are going to need is a tiny  elastic hair band, a thick curling tong, a bit of hairspray and a lot of pins. This is really simple to do and it will look much more intricate.

3. Big beach hair. This is for the girl who just won’t accept that summer is over. She’s doing everything she can to maintain her suntan, hydrating and exfoliating her skin like crazy and still goes to the beach regularly. But no visit to the beach is required to get this look. All you need is teasing your wavy hair (natural or by a curling tong) and shaking your head till you’re dizzy while spraying lots of hairspray on it. Who’s to say if the texturized result is the product of a day at the beach or not???


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