Vassiliki P. + Theo = ♡

I love it when a couple decide that they want to have their haircuts on the same day.

First was Vassiliki and she asked for a haircut she had seen on Alexa Chung. A mid-length, slightly layered  haircut with a long fringe that you can part in the middle or the side without any fuss. I gave her the haircut and then sprayed the hair with The salt-water type of spray (often immitated but never duplicated, it’s true). Beach hair is one of the quickest ways to style your hair during the summer and it never goes out of style. Over the years, I’ve heard countless stories from girls that were saying how their hair is at its best when they are at the beach. Marina Stat did Vassiliki’s make-up.

Alexa Chung and the haircut that served as an inspiration (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

Then it was Theo’s turn. His face reminds me of a really young Brad Pitt and that’s exactly where I drew my inspiration from. I gave him a slightly shorter version of Brad Pitt’s haircut in Seven (1995). Short at the back and the sides and slightly longer on top  with lots of point-cutting, so that he can make it look messy just by rubbing his hands on it for five seconds. A classic men’s haircut by now.

Brad Pitt in Seven (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).



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