Katerina J.

Katerina’s haircut is 1960’s inspired. I gave her long layers on top and at the front, a straight line at the back, a rounded fringe (which I cut a bit shorter because I want it to last more) and “sideburns” at both sides. The “sideburns” emphasize her cheekbones and she looks really good in them. They also look really cute when you do a ponytail or an updo. Which brings us to the next look.

Everyone has been re-inventing the classic half-up Bardot hairstyle for a really long time  now and no-one seems to pay any attention to the amazing updos that she used to have back in the day. That’s why I went for that 60’s teased-to-death-big updo and what makes it fresh is that you can see the tease in the hair, plus it has to look like you did it yourself (a.k.a. a lot messier) and not spent an hour in the salon. Marina Stat did the make-up (I love,love,love that lip colour).

Brigitte Bardot in the 1960’s (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

  1. Mary M said:

    Oh my gosh-how did you get your hair up like that?? LOVE IT! I tried doing it like Brigitte’s but not that succesful as yours!! Do you curl it and put it in high bun..or..? Thank you!

    • lots of teasing and then putting the hair up in separate pieces…

  2. Mary M said:

    Do you happen to be located in Kansas City lol?

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