Klea R. and the 3 easiest ways to wear your hair this summer

Klea is obsessed with the length of her hair, so I basically trimmed it and added a few shorter layers in the front. I told her I’ll cut a bit more in September. This is her natural hair colour, which I wouldn’t have at first but it’s true. I then went on to create 3 looks that are definitely quick and fuss-free for a long-haired girl on holiday. Marina Stat did the three make-up looks.

1. Natural: You can’t go wrong by doing this. Remember that after doing this for a while, noone will know how to give you that look better than yourself. You first have to choose  what product to use according to your hair type, be it a thickifier, a curl amplifier, a sea-water type of spray, a leave-in conditioner or a soothing styling cream. Don’t use too much product in the beginning. The second step is to decide at what point you will apply it. Try it as soon as you remove the towel, on less damp and on almost dry hair and decide what works best for you. The third step is the easiest. You simply let your hair dry naturally and avoid touching it until it’s 100% dry. I used a liquid silk leave-in spray to get rid of most of the frizziness which is a common case when it comes to wavy hair. A tiny bit of frizziness is not unwanted though as the hair won’t look too done in the end.

2. The DIY knots bun. So simple and so quick but really interesting looking. Pull your hair up in a ponytail and ignore all the baby and fly-away hair, as they add to the I-did-it-in-1-minute effect. Then divide your ponytail in two sections and start tying knots, working towards the ends. Secure with a couple of pins and you’re done. The three colour eye make-up is the trickiest thing to achieve here.

3. The slick back. The key to this look is the two different textures. It’s been in fashion for quite some years now, most recently seen at the Giambattista Valli s/s 2012 rtw show. If you want to go for the wet hair look but are afraid that boys won’t be too keen on touching your “hard” head, this is for you. And what makes it really easy is that your hair should be left to dry naturally from the mid-lengths to the ends.


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