Theofano 3

I’m turning Theofano into a blonde. Not in one single process but slowly. I preferred to give her this shade and let the sun and the sea of the Greek summer work and make it lighter rather than have overprocessed and super-dry hair. I then trimmed her ends slightly because, as I’ve said, there’s no point in getting rid of a lot of length before your summer holidays. You’re still going to have to cut as much or even more when you get back. After the cut, I styled her hair drawing heavy inspiration from the hair at the s/s 2012 rtw Herve Leger show. Instead of keeping the front flat with a middle parting though, I went for  volume. The triple ponytail was executed as close to the original as possible (I did wrap small strands of hair around the elastics though plus I didn’t straighten the hair). Marina Stat did the make-up. This is a hairdo that will definitely work with the summer heat plus you’ll turn some heads with the intricateness of the back. Summer’s coming.

This is what the hair looked from the front at the s/s 2012 Herve Leger rtw show. Hair by Neil Moodie. Photo by Yannis Vlamos

And this is the back. Neil, you did amazing! (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).


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