Nora and the dark cherry red

Nora had an asymmetrical bob that was too long on one side and her hair had been through excessive straightening, so I had to cut a lot of length to get rid of the damaged part. Plus I really wanted to cut a short wispy fringe (quite a pleasant surprise for her, as she was always afraid to go for it) and I wanted to get rid of the asymmetry. I wanted to give her a haircut that would look better when not straightened  a.k.a. help her restore the condition of her hair, hence the short layered bob. This way, she will be tempted not to straighten it again (Nora thought she couldn’t get out of the house without straightened hair). This dark cherry red is one of my favourite colours and it suits her complexion amazingly. It will also look great under the cloudy sky of The Hague, where she studies. I used a curling tong to slightly enhance her natural waves and Romy Julie did her make-up.

1 comment
  1. themeanviolets said:

    Just want to say awesome job on the Nora cut/color. I’ve been building up the courage to do this cut (and perhaps even go this color eventually) but where I live it’s difficult to trust my head with the stylists here. This color and cut goes so well with her.

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