I cut and coloured Marianne’s hair. Her hair has gone through a lot of bleaching, as she is a fan of crazy colours. Pink, purple, turqoise, you name it. I’ve been dying to do a black and white colour for quite a while, so I knew Marianne was definitely the one. I just prefer really dark brown to black. It’s shinier and more natural. So, I dyed almost all her hair a dark brown and left a tiny triangle on one side that I shaved with clippers and bleached. I cut an asymmetrical bob (inspired by the early 90s) and when she tucks the longer side behind her ear, the undercut will magically appear. The undercut is only the small triangle you see in the last picture, I didn’t want it to be bigger. Some people will always be restless with their hair. By doing this, I gave her a small area to play with and apply crazy colours to (when she gets bored of this), so she can leave the rest without bleaching this year. I hope.


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