Lida and the electric pink

Happy new hair! 2011 ended with blue so it seemed natural to start 2012 with pink. Lida grew her hair a bit longer since her last post in this blog and wanted me to dye it pink. I thought about the colour for weeks and decided to go electric pink instead of baby pink, since it will last longer. Every wash from now on means a new colour, a slightly paler version of the previous one. And that sounds very exciting as far as I’m concerned. For the pictures, my style queen friend Olivia (who had her share of crazy colour this Christmas holiday/ more colours to appear on this blog soon) suggested we do 1960’s. Everything clicked from then on. Marina Stat, who did the amazing make-up and I went through a lot of pictures of Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick looking for inspiration. We both ended up having Twiggy as an inspiration. To combine day-glo short hair with sixties-inspired make-up and cute, girly, light-coloured (white, beige, light grey) outfits is what makes it fresh and distances it as much as possibleĀ from the colourful explosion that was the mid-1990s. Pink is the colour parents usually dye the walls of the baby room when expecting a girl. So why can’t a girl be girly with pink hair? Who’s a freak?

British supermodel Twiggy in the swinging 60s (couldn’t find photo credit for these pictures).

*UPDATE: I asked Lida to take a picture of her hair and send it to me. It’s now three full weeks after applying the colour and as you can see it’s a perfect pastel pink with a few lighter pink highlights in it. What she did to maintain her colour is she followed my washing instructions: wash hair every three to four days (works well with her dry hair), only with cold water (the colder, the better) and always use conditioner afterwards. In Crazy Color (the hair dye company) we trust.


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