This is the super lovely Annie from Evripidis and his tragedies ( ). Marina Stat did her make-up. And the wig she’s wearing is a synthetic one I bought in Paris four and a half years ago for forty euro (which is extremely cheap considering its quality). I came across it at a small local hair salon that stocked wigs and vintage sunglasses and felt very, very lucky. So, if you’re after a day-glo colour but wouldn’t risk bleaching and damaging your long hair, this is the way to change into someone else but keep your hair unaffected. It’s called clever shopping. Plus the colour won’t wash out every time you hit the shower. A wig also comes in handy when you don’t have the time or the money to do your own hair. Think back to the sixties and the seventies, when women used to don a wig before going out. Maybe with the long day-glo hair trend and today’s economy, it would make sense to buy and wear a wig for a New Year’s eve party for example. As long as you have a fantastic time. Have lots of fun tonight!


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