Eliza 2

I cut Eliza’s hair, styled it and took some pictures. The inspiration for both me and Marina Stat who did the (amazing) make-up were the girls in the classic 80’s Robert Palmer video for “Simply Irresistible “. I just didn’t want to do a bun at the back. I thought of Sade in her slicked back plait but wanted to update it and that’s why I decided to do the twisted ponytail. It’s been in fashion for what seems like forever and the last version of it I remember seeing was in the Gucci s/s 2011 rtw show. It’s Christmas time, so obviously you girls can (and should) glam it up. There couldn’t be a better time to have the 1980’s excess as a reference.

One of the girls in Robert Palmer’s video for Simply Irresistible, directed by fashion photographer Terence Donovan.

Sade in the 1980’s (couldn’t find photo credit for this picture).

A model backstage at the Gucci s/s 2011 rtw show. Photo by Luca Cannonieri.


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