Panagiotis X. 2 or the hairstylist’s right to use a curling tong on a man’s hair…

I cut Panagiotis X’s hair and then wanted to give him a natural wavy look. His natural hair is much straighter (see my previous Panagiotis X. post), so obviously I used a curling tong. Now, how fascistic is it that men aren’t supposed to use heated appliances to style their hair and when they do, they are called metrosexuals, fashion victims or simply gay? I do understand that the image of a man who has had his hair visibly straightened or curled is not going to be sexually appealing to a woman (and most of the gay men, so to speak) because it just doesn’t look masculine and also that the bathroom mirror is a girl’s territory before she goes out to a bar or a party or whatever. However, the keyword in the previous sentence is “visibly”. If a guy’s hair looks natural, I think it shouldn’t matter whether he spent an hour and a half styling it or if he borrowed a girl’s heated appliances in order to do so. Same goes for hairstylists. I don’t think it should be a taboo to suggest straightening or curling a guy’s hair. As long as you can’t see the work on the finished result. Of course it’s not a taboo in the fashion world because a lot of male models’ hair definitely have a different natural texture than the one seen in a fashion story or a show. Society accepted men with long hair ages ago and since the 1990s, it has been perfectly ok for a guy to colour his hair without it automatically implying that he’s a freak or gay (or both). And I’m not going to start talking about how many men are almost abused by their girlfriends/ boyfriends because they’re not using any styling products, therefore they are supposedly neglecting their image. I think the next wall we should bring down then is this. Shouldn’t a man have as many options as he can with his hair? He certainly doesn’t have as many options with clothing. And as they say, it’s all about the hair and the shoe.


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