I cut and coloured Lida’s hair and then styled it and took some pictures. The last two I did having (rather obvious) Madonna during the True Blue era in mind. Madonna has done so many things but still, when someone pays an homage to her in a fashion story, it’s this era they use as a reference¬†most of the times. When you style your short hair this way, make sure that it has some movement because helmet-like can be good for a fashion story only and it might make you look like an auntie visiting relatives (and first stopping by her local salon for a “do”). And we’re talking about young girls wearing this hairstyle again. Lida and I were so excited while taking the pictures . True blue, baby I love you…

Queen of pop Madonna in 1986, photographed for a Vanity Fair cover (above) and during the Open Your Heart video shoot (below). Both pictures by Herb Ritts.

1 comment
  1. Lida Papageorgiou said:

    thank you alex for your wonderfoul job..!!!i had the greatest time ever!!!

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