Julie and Carrie’s hairstyle for partying with the sailors

I cut Julie’s hair and the inspiration for both the haircut and the hairstyle was Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair in the first episode of the fifth season of Sex and the City (Anchors Away – 2002). There, Carrie Bradshaw first shows the world her layered bob and when she decides to party with her friends and a million sailors, she curls her hair and flattens her fringe. She also pins it in place and the pins are there for the world to see. The pins are the only thing I kept the same (plus added a couple more). My idea for this hairstyle was that I wanted the front of the hairstyle to be really well groomed and the back totally natural, so it would appear that she could have done it herself. The other major difference was that Julie’s fringe I finger-waved, whereas Carrie’s was straightened. So this is 2011 doing 2002 doing the 20s.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Anchors Away (Sex and the City, season 5, episode 1), directed by Charles McDougall. Ms Parker’s hair by Mandy Lyons.


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