Alexia and the headband made out of your own hair

Alexia’s new haircut is long and layered with a long side-swept fringe and two wisps of hair (one at each side) cut shorter, like “sideburns”. These two you can really show (as pictured above) or totally hide (just mix them up with the rest of your hair and they’re gone) and that’s what I love about them. Having the big comeback of the sixties in mind, I styled Alexia’s hair after I cut it. I made a headband using her long hair and pinned it in place. This is a fantastic trick for you long-haired girls. You can transform any hairstyle this way, do it when you just can’t find your headband or even hide your fringe underneath it on days when it won’t look good no matter what you do or on days when you want your forehead to show. Now with the sixties comeback though, it’s a good trick to have up your sleeve.

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