Vassiliki S.


Vassiliki S. is a girl I know from school. She’s been a blonde forever. So, I got super-excited when she told me she had grown bored of blond and wanted a total “make-over”. I turned her into a 60’s beauty (which is a basic trend for this f/w season, as far as clothes go), by following these steps:

1. I changed her colour from really light blond to the lightest cool shade of brown (I didn’t want ANY red in my brown).

2. I cut the length slightly, just in order to get rid of any split and ultra-dry ends but was a little bolder with her layers, especially in the front bit.

3. I cut an eyebrow-covering rounded fringe and layered it a bit, so when it grows longer she will be able to part it in the side or the middle without fuss. It’s not as easy to grow a blunt fringe longer, as most of the girls know by now.

4. I styled the hair straight but with movement at the ends. It goes much better with this fringe. Poker straight would look too strict paired with this fringe. Soft is the key-word for this hairstyle. I back-combed the back part of the top but didn’t overdo it at all because this is not the 60’s, it’s 2011.

Needless to say that she was ecstatic by the time I was done. Every once in a while, it’s so good to change radically. As I have said before…


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