Ioanna T.

The first time I cut Ioanna’s hair (a year ago), I cut it really short and saved her from a really bad haircut because someone had become super-excited with the thinning scissors… Ioanna wanted to grow out her short hair ever since, not because she didn’t like it but because she always felt that all the stages between short hair and a bob are the most interesting. And they are. So, after the short haircut, we cut it once more (wish I had pictures of that!) and six months after that the time for the bob came. Now, Ioanna has the thickest, most voluminous hair than any girl I have ever met. A blunt bob would be catastrophic, so we went for the most feathered version of the bob with a short side-swept fringe. And we both love it. Who said that a bob can’t be interesting then???

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  1. Eleni Tzortzi said:

    Love it!!!!

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